Hi All,

That is me on the left.

After trying for a few years I have finally got the time to devote to getting my business off the ground here in Bournemouth, UK.

I moved to Bournemouth from Oxford in September 2009 and it has taken time to get organised.

I shall be doing my best to offer a wide range of items at affordable prices. The initial learning curve of getting an Internet Business started is considerable. I am probably my own worst enemy by trying to do too much but that is me all over. I try to build Rome in a Day. I am a budding Perfectionist!

Being a very reserved Englishman I shall not go into too many details. I think the main thing about this page is give visitors a picture of who they are dealing with and a brief idea of what to expect from Cowley Marketing Co.

I would like to just say why I am not giving a Guarantee with my sites. Apart from the obvious, the customer has the product and has no means of returning it. I have been ripped off for thousands in my business life by being too trusting.

Maybe the very small minority of parasites, who think this world owes them a living, think I am a soft touch. I, quite frankly, do not have the time to bother with these idiots. I know it is a very small minority and I shall put off people by taking this attitude. Lets face the fact, life is short, you either trust me or you don't, it is as simple as that.

It is now up to you to decide whether we do business, whatever you decide I wish you well.

Have a Good day,

Terry Cummings
C.E.O. Cowley Marketing Co.

P.S. Please note I have set up a helpdesk for feedback and problem reporting. You will probably find a link on every Web Site I put up. This alone should give you an indication of the calibre of person you are dealing with!



Thanks for Visiting.

I hope you are having a nice day in .

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